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Logo-PokerIcons-MainDo you want to join us to Prague and play the main event?
Poker Icons will host a series of events for Nordic players in collaboration with Party Poker. It will be both unique nation based events similar to PokerAllsvenskan or Itämeren Kuningas but also events open for all players who have Nordic passports (or residential status in a Nordic country).
First off is that we will travel to Prague and the inaugural Nordic Poker Championships. To secure your seat; participate in our league and the 10* top ranked players after six (6) qualifying tournaments will be invited for the final where a package to Nordic Poker Championships worth $3000 is added to the winner. Also, in each qualifying tournament there are 3 prizes added to top three players ($265 Nordic Poker Championship Megasat tickets)
Find in the Party Poker client a RESTRICTED $11 tournament named "Poker Icons to Nordic Championships”. 
Password is “icons” 
Dates: November 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30
Starting time: 19:00 CET (20:00 EET)
 *for ranking rules and see below the current ranking list
The ranking system which decides the ten players that will make it to the final is simple. In each of the 6 tournaments you receive points based on your final position as described below: 
Example tournament with 67 participants 
1st place receives 67 points and a ticket for a $265 Nordic Poker Championship Megasatelite 
2nd place receives 66 points and a ticket for a $265 Nordic Poker Championship Megasatelite 
3rd place receives 65 points and a ticket for a $265 Nordic Poker Championship Megasatelite 
4th place receives 64 points 
5th place receives 63 points 
6th place receives 62 points 
On the 1st of December Poker Icons / Party Poker will invite for the ten (10) best ranked players to a private $11 sit-n-go which will be held online the 3rd of December at 19:00 CET, where the eventual winner will walk away with the package to Prague and Nordic Poker Championship.
About the ranking, we will only count the four BEST results for each players, thus it is not the end of the world if a player missed 2 of the 6 tournaments BUT for sure there is an advantage to participate in all of them. In the case that two players end on equal points, rank the amount of first places, second places etcetera.