Diogo Veiga

May 29, 2016

Diogo Veiga

Diogo Veiga is one of the most well known players in the Portuguese poker scene. Although he’s one of the younger players around he has already built a solid poker career. He learned the basic poker rules with his older brother and soon began to show his value.

His results in the Portuguese online leagues sent him freerolling for the live Portuguese poker circuits.┬áHis name was popping in every Portuguese forum: “The kid who was winning a lot and didn’t care about Hold’em Manager!”

His success was translated to the live tables when he was runner up at the biggest tournament ever held in Portugal at the time. From there, he got a sponsorship and started discussing poker with the Portuguese elite.

The breakthrough happened when “The kid” decided he should have as much information as his opponents. Using Hold’em Manager was a breaking point, making his game evolve to such a level that he actually beats the nosebleeds and became widely well known in the major poker websites, with winnings combined over 1 million dollars!

His results started to appear live too, where he became the EPT Heads-Up Player of the Year. Diogo also conquered a second place at the Portuguese Poker Tour.