Luis Cepa

May 29, 2016

Luis Cepa

If you admire perseverance and ethics in a player, you got to love Luís Cepa. In the Portuguese poker scene, Luís is known for his strong work ethics and humble posture, always sharing his knowledge. In short, a true gentleman at the tables.

Luís started playing three years ago and since then his game has shown serious improvement, probably because Luís believes that studying, discussing and sharing experiences is a big part of growing in poker.

At first, he juggled his day job as a business manager and poker. During these three years, Luís built a solid career with good results, especially cash games, and the desire of improving his game led him to become a professional player.

Luís made final table at the first live tournament he ever played, the well known Solverde Season circuit and since then the results kept coming.