Jakob Vedel

May 29, 2016


Back in 2004 Jakob played football 3-4 times a week but then got a pretty serious knee ingury and suddenly had a lot of spare time and that is when he stumbled across online poker.

The first couple of months Jakob just tried to make sense of thegame. But pretty quick he realized that there was a lot of money to be made in this game and he started to study it very hard from every availible resource. Jakob started playing the SNG’s, and in the beginning we talk about 2 tabling the 11$’s. Jakob quickly increased the stakes and the number of tables and he had a pretty good idea of ICM even before it was discussed. He then grinded out the 55$’s and the 109$’s for very long time adding some 215$’s from time to time, and back then you could achive a pretty good hourly when 8-10 tabling. Sometime around 2006 Jakob got bored with the SNG grind and switched to NL cash games and dear good the games were soft back then, it was like printing money. Started at the NL400 level and now he is playing anything between NL1000 and NL5000.