May 26, 2016
Martin Franke von Zweigbergk

Martin “Franke”
von Zweigbergk

Founder and CEO

Comments from our CEO:
“Poker Icons as a company has evolved over time. Initially the company was founded to cater to two distinct needs in the industry for the Scandinavian market. Firstly to create live tournaments abroad targeting both the casual players as well as semi professionals. This was reached through the creation of events like Pokerfinnkampen, Tallinn All-in and Nordic Aces.

The second aim of the company was to host several poker event and poker schools for corporate customers in Sweden.
Over the years, we arranged 100+ dinners and poker tournaments for fun and as a leisure product for companies to get a better relationship with their staff. After a few years, our company realised that there is an explosion out in the world, that poker rooms and casino needed ambassadors that spoke for their product as well as acted as billboards for them. These players, also needed guidance and support in handling the setup of said partnerships.

Poker Icons became over a very short time one of the leading poker player agencies in the world. Representing more than 60 players and having agreed contracts with more than 10 different poker rooms or casinos worldwide.

With the decline of the industry after the event referred to as “Black Friday”, our company set out to establish a new core focus, this being consultancy in areas such as events, marketing, VIP management, corporate identity. Over the years we have worked with 20+ clients at all different levels of engagement. Poker Icons stillĀ arrange live and online tournaments for clients, represents a few players as an agency, but today the focus is on consultancy and on our new creation: the Cash Game Festival. We believe that the focus on pure joy and cash games could be a recipe for a 2nd smaller poker boom.”